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counselling & psychotherapy in London SW16

a safe space to be heard, understood & to 

find a path through confusion, hurt and trauma

People seek counselling and psychotherapy for lots of reasons. It can be a general feeling of  being stuck or dissatisfied with life or for recurring issues that are interfering with relationships. Others seek therapy when facing big life transitions. Some of the specific issues can include:

  • anxiety and depression

  • loss and bereavement

  • relationship issues

  • family and parenting issues

  • life direction and purpose

  • identity, confidence and self-esteem

  • managing chronic stress and difficult feelings

  • traumatic events

  • difficulties in childhood

  • abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault

Whatever issues are causing you to seek therapy, we can explore these together to understand them better, clarify what you want to see change and find the next steps you can take to make those changes.

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